Chapter 7

I completed chapter 7 today. It feels good! However amid the craziness of that which is Christmas I seem to have misplaced the folder that has all my chapter notes and character information etc. I know it’s somewhere because I remember putting it away before the family arrived so I could enjoy a couple of weeks with them without them having to worry about interrupting my writing. It is called a vacation after all!

Back to the writing: I am very pleased with the quality of what I produced in this stint, here’s a taster!

“And yes, always with him there is some truth to his words. He can sustain our world with his power.” Shamar spoke solemnly and I was surprised by his bold statement; before I could protest he continued, “but it will not remain as you now see it. No not at all. The sun will darken, the stars will fall, the earth will split but instead of total destruction it will become a living death. Disease will run rampant, age come quickly and yet our final breaths tarry as hope seeps away from our souls. The world Shâgâh envisions is different to this of course.” He smiled grimly as he talked, “He overestimates his power and believes he can sustain all life and improve upon it but he can not. It will only be darkness, grim and terrible darkness.”



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