The Beginning of Chapter 8

I started chapter 8 today. It’s the time where Idris decides to join one of the Estronaidd in searching for the Creators Hall, also known as the Hall of Olives. Here’s a brief extract:

“Though it seems time is not passing this not the case. Our elders met yester eve and we have decided that one of us should travel to the Creators Hall. We believe one of your own people should do so and it made sense to me that based on your previous words this person should be you. Madrich will leave in the morning and will value your company should you decide to go with.” Shamar informed me.

I nodded, “I will come.” There were no more words spoken between us and we both understood there was no need.

This is a part of the plot where Madrich is introduced in detail to the reader. Soon after this brief conversation Idris will meet him for the second time and they Madrich will fill in alot of gaps about the Creator, the Hall of Olives and why the hall now lies so deserted. I’m excited to reveal it all – and some of it might be a discovery even for me!

On another note, the man illustrating the map of Pangea has it partially completed. I am hoping for a picture soon that I will upload to the site but it is by no means the finished article.

More later:)



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