One of the things I want to accomplish in my writing is a sense of wonder. To Idris everything is new. The Estronaidd, the Chanoth and the Immortal City. Even simple things that might be every day items in our own existence are new to Idris and I wanted his questioning spirit and sense of amazement to seep through in my writing.

“So I watched as he began to position some small contraption to the side of the rod and wind some taut thin silk like material around it, then he threaded it through a series of small loops on top of the slender stick before turning a handle upon its side. Eventually he stood and then threw his arm back briefly up towards his shoulder before moving it forwards in one fluid motion, watching as the silken material flew out from it. “There, that should do nicely.”

“What is it?” I marveled.

“A fishing rod.” He smiled, “For sitting on the river banks and catching fish on our travels.”

I hope it does.

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