Introducing Efah, Shâgâh’s Judgment

In ages past the agreement first was forged. “Queen of the world” they called her. The reach of her hand knew no bounds and the justice of her scepter was quickly dispatched. Loved by many and hated at first by few; the creeping lure of power and greed slowly corrupted her soul until at last driven by an insatiable appetite for more she appealed to Shâgâh the wise and learned. “Shâgâh ” she cried, oh that all I desired would turn to gold and that riches beyond the worlds means might satisfy my cravings.”

And Shâgâh thus called upon did turn his gaze towards the Queen and with seductive promises grant her wish if only she would serve his purposes for a moment. Thus agreed was power bestowed upon her and all that her eyes lit upon, should she desire it, would turn to purest gold refined as in the hottest flames of Azures. And at first all was well for as seasons came and went people marveled that she did not age and everlasting beauty seemed within her reach.


But it was not to be; always does Shâgâh remember his agreements.


Always does he come looking for their fruition at the times of our least expecting.


And so as the Queens husband lay dying and the last breath of life fluttered faintly from his lips did Shâgâh appear. “Undying riches did I promise you and have you now received. The moment is upon you that I request your payment in return. With immortality ahead of you I recruit you in this moment to be my right hand; the sword with which I shall attack my enemy and wrought my ways upon the earth. Living forever will your powers still remain and serve me, bound upon this earth by my eternal immortality that has been granted in part to you. You are mine and ever will my foes fear your name in the shadowed darkness of their secrets for your judgment will be swift and true. Death will you bring upon them.”


Then perceiving her fate did the Queen of the world turn and gaze with loathing eyes upon her master Shâgâh and curses did she call down upon his head as tears glistened upon her rose lit cheeks but laughter did Shâgâh give her in return and a name, now feared by all the wise. Efah, Shâgâh’s judgment.


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