Just a little writing today. I used  questions to talk about a concept in the novel that I have been wrestling with recently:

“He said that at some point you will choose to leave behind this mortal body and return to the Creators Hall.” He struggled to frame the question, not wanting his curiosity to be seen as ignorance.

“Is there a question young friend?”

“Several.” He grinned, “Firstly does this mean that you once lived within the Hall of Olives and secondly why did you choose to take on mortal form?”

I think it’s important to have your characters ask questions, particularly ones that the reader might also be pondering. If they aren’t already thinking it then I hope it causes them to begin doing so. It’s like planting seeds that tug and pull at the mind.

So do you want to know the answer to the questions Idris asked?

You’ll have to wait for the full novel if so. Then we can discuss it afterwards.


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