I just finished the opening paragraph to a new chapter. It ends with this:  “There is no escaping Efah where we are heading.”

At this time Efah is the evil the characters must overcome. She is the temptation that tries to seduce them and the obstacle they must somehow move out-of-the-way. For weeks they have worried about her and now they fear they must face her. As a writer I have tried to build up the anticipation of this conflict. She embodies a lot of what we in real life must try to face. She preys on people’s fears and persuades them to give in to the weariness of trying. Sometimes I feel like this book will never end; that this story will never be told. I can’t give in to the weariness of trying. I firmly believe that this narrative will enthrall the reader of modern-day fantasy and I believe it will be worth their time and investment. The first question though is what investment and time I am willing to put into it. It must first be worth mine before it is worth theirs.

So Idris will face the evil of Efah and I shall face the battle of writing a novel. Just as you will face the battles going on in your own lives today.

It’s worth it.

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