What we have written is important. Through these experiences we learn and grow. We discover new ways of describing our interests and life. We begin to understand the creative process is more than just a burst of sudden energy. It is this and more. It is discipline. It is passion. It is love. It is hope. It is diligence. It is effort. It is hard work and easy. Simultaneously. It is more than the ideal dream of sitting on a porch beside a snowy mountain surrounded with beauty. It is sat at a computer or a desk, writing with a pen or finger as words come bidden and unbidden to our mind and find there way upon an empty page.

What we read is important. We all have our strengths, each of us different. I would argue that for most of us it is impossible to write truly great pieces of art without understanding its process. Its results. I read fantasy and sci-fi. I read history and comics. I read biographies and short stories. I read poetry and musical lyrics. I read newspapers and blogs. I read kids books and teen books and books of a more adult nature. I confess I read books that are sometimes too violent for my taste and at other times too inactive. I do this often. I do this because I want to be a better writer. I do this because if I do not then my writing will stall and I shall not grow.

I also write often. Sometimes when I’m working on a big project I work at it regularly for days, weeks and months on end. It is not always this focussed. Never the less, between work and home I write every week and usually every single day.

Here is a short version of my writing accomplishments.

  • 23 Mentoring sessions read and implemented by hundreds every year. Affecting thousands.
  • A handful of published news articles.
  • Around 40 Genealogical narratives or short blog pieces.
  • One as of yet unpublished novel and the first few chapters of a ┬ásecond.
  • Close to 50 short stories. Mostly unpublished.
  • 2 published pieces of poetry.
  • Countless lessons for schools.
  • Essays on war, Barbies, culture, history, philosophy and theology.

This week I sent my first novel to a publisher. I hope they say yes to it. If they do it will not be simply the culmination of that novel. It will be the culmination of all of the above. It started when I was a child, writing stories for my Nanna. Then for my family and then for my friends. It continues in my work, creating mentoring sessions I hope will grow and change lives.

All of this helps me to know. Even if it’s not published this is not the end of the matter. I am on a journey. You are too. Journeys don’t fail. They merely take winding turns, travel across slippery slopes or sometimes pause so that the weary traveler can breathe in the scenic beauty.

I share this in the hope that other would be authors and other present day writers will realize the important thing is that we write. We try. We learn. We grow. We share.



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