“Creating Pangea” and “Publishing Pangea”

I’m going to start two weekly posts for this blog. The first will occur every Monday and the second every Friday. My hope is to begin a deliberate and methodical promotion of the blog, novel and the world I am writing.

Creating Pangea

The Monday posts will be under a “Creating Pangea” series. These will chronicle the creative aspects of this world. The reader will be introduced to the main characters, some of the cultures and be talked through the creative process. I have a few interesting ideas up my sleeve with which I will do this. I think you will like it. In fact, I know you will.

Publishing Pangea

Friday posts will follow a series called “Publishing Pangea.” Here I will update prospective fans with my quest to find a publisher for the “World of Pangea.” So stay tuned because that’s due out tomorrow (Or today if you’re from Europe.)


I will also be creating a Facebook page. You aren’t able to buy the book yet but you will be able to show your interest, ask me anything you want about it and interact with other readers. This is still a few weeks away. My hope is that this will eventually become a hub of activity, similar to how Ted Dekker handles his page. If you haven’t seen how this is done, look him up on Facebook, I guarantee you will like and appreciate it.

For now though, I leave you with this:

“Noiro of the starlit sky,

By grace he gave his life to die.

He alone did fury brave,

The lives of innocents to save.”

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