Publishing Pangea

This is the first post in a new series on “The World of Pangea.” I shall endeavor to document the journey which I am undertaking to see this world published. My first step was to contact a small publishing company with a niche market. A friend recommended it. It was a good company but apparently too niche a market for my book. Essentially, my work doesn’t have enough romance to engage their audience. I’m fine with that. They gave me several tips to continue my search and were by no means dismissive of it. In fact, they were very helpful and positive. The next step, contact literary agents and continue searching for any other fantasy publishers that may accept work that doesn’t come through a literary agent.

Now I have a choice. I can try to self publish while waiting to hear back from the agents or I can wait for their response. I’m not against self publishing but I want to do this wisely. So I called  a couple of long time friends who have worked and continue to work in the marketing and promotion business. Their advice was to wait for the agents but make a real effort to connect with would be readers, blog more and start promoting. Publishers are interested to see how I’ve done this and if I end up self publishing then this will be the only way for others to hear about Pangea. I already had this blog but after some discussion came up with a way of being much more intentional with what I’m doing here.

My mentor is always challenging me to not to think linear. By this he means I shouldn’t wait to accomplish one thing before I start on something equally as important. Push all fronts. So I’m not waiting. I’m continuing to write and with the corroborated sage advice of other marketers and writers I’ll be ensuring my work sees the light of day and that as many people as possible read it.  This weekend I’ll be drafting the first creative post of my new series “Creating Pangea.” Over the next few days I’ll also be trying to find someone to do a professional banner for the new Facebook page “World of Pangea” that I’ll be creating.

I also want to say thank you to all of you who have signed up to this blog. It is helpful to gauge a measure of interest. Can I encourage you all to see if friends are interested and direct them here or to the Facebook group if they are. The more the merrier.

The adventure of Pangea first began many years ago but 2012 is when I began to pursue it wholeheartedly. I’m excited that the book its self is written and just needs tweaks during the editing process. I know there will be more to edit once the publisher picks it up. It’s also turned into more than one novel. There will be a series of books, at least three for this story arc but I have plans for others in the same world with a different story. Stay tuned.


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