Creating Pangea

This is the first post in a series of updates about “Creating Pangea.” Here I will share extracts from the novel, give insight into characters and background to the world Pangea. Today I share the introduction!

“Shâgâh was ruler of the 10. It was he who guided them towards war upon the tribes of the West. It was he who devised the concept of the Great Sacrifice and He it was who wished all power of the earth be placed at his feet. For the East was greatly populated and the tribes of the West were few. When gathered all together they were known as the Silures and strove only to subsist upon the land they inhabited. Yet their lineage was long, their ancestry renowned. It was they whose blood was shed upon the altars of the past and signed upon the pages of the ancient book. This blood still flowed through the veins of the Silures and upon this heritage did Shâgâh wish to extract his vengeance while fulfilling the great desire of his heart. Eternal rule upon the earth. 

Within his realm Shâgâh devised plans with the Ten. From here they looked within his seeing pool, the eternal waters drawn from the great river that gave divine power to he who consumed it. Together the Ten viewed the Silures and plotted. Together for many hundreds of years they watched as Chieftains rose and fell, as the curse of death took first one and then another, robbing the tribes of their wisdom. Together, as age took the memory of ancient days from all that now lived upon the earth, they wove their webs of deceit until the opportune moment.

Then Shâgâh stepped forth from his city and created pools of seeing for the people of the East. There he wooed them with his words and moved upon the Ten to establish Kingdom and Dominion over them all. Thus established he looked into the mists of time and discerned that war must be acted upon. Even as the Silures went about their nomadic life unaware of his scheming, Shâgâh showed his people blood and war. With skillful lies and dark arts he conjured images of events that had not and never would be. With alarm and fear he shaped their thinking until death was upon all of their hearts. Then did war commence and great and terrible were the armies in their rage. Many were their marching feet and polished weapons, many were the machines of war and the high banners of human accomplishment. Many were the lives taken from this world until the other should begin anew. Great was the folly of that age and the Silures could not stand against them for few were they, and few were their Chieftains and few the heroes left standing.

— From “A History of the Great Wars” By Historian Garek III of Rom  —



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