Creating Pangea [Monday 13th Jan 2014]

Today I treat you to a little more of Pangea’s history.

“See how they spy out our land.” He would whisper with words of worry, watching as they wormed their way into the heart of the people. “See how they covet our wisdom and wealth!” The seeds sown into minds desperate to keep all they had acquired. “In Pingyuan do they begin but soon you will see them within all our great lands.” So Shâgâh cautioned the people of the Ten cities.

Fear and jealousy he counseled in secret, weaving a tangled web of intrigue as he laid down the trappings of war. The wise cautioned against his advocacy but the populace heeded them not, for great riches did he swear were present in abundance, lands untouched and teeming with life. Gold and jewels overflowing in caverns of priceless metals. He painted a picture of paradise ruled by fools and led by greed. He urged the Empire to protect its rightful place as guardians, not only of the east, but of the world.

Appealing to vanity and security he took their hands and guided each until their gaze was always veering to the west and their pride deemed it necessary to travel thus. Then was the edict of conscription authored, written by the very hand of Shâgâh, with ink from the quills of each city and delivered with great fervor unto the halls of the people. Gladly did the eldest child of each family stand and count himself blessed to be numbered amidst that army. Happy were the parents that bid them farewell and wished them safe journey and quick return.

So it was that a vast host arrayed in splendor and with deadly weaponry. So it was that the east declared war upon the peaceful tribesmen of the west and so it was that death and violence against visited the lands of the Silver Forest and the people of Silures.

— Mae of Zhuoyue —




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