Publishing Pangea [Friday 17th Jan 2014]

I’ve been compiling a list of literary agents that I am requesting represent me to publishers. The reality is that this particular part of the process has the potential to last a very, very long time.  Here’s what it looks like:

  • First I identify the agents open to submissions in the fantasy genre
  • Then I compile a list and section it off into groups of ten
  • I send to ten at a time – and I get responses back will send to others.
  • This allows time for me to examine any feedback and make changes to my novel as appropriate – so ensuring that the best draft of my novel is sent out to every successive agent.

I don’t just send the novel though. First I write a query letter. This is a single page letter introducing me and my book. It is roughly broken up as follows:

  • The first paragraph is the hook – if it works they read on!
  • The second paragraph is the synopsis – a short one!
  • The third paragraph is my biography as an author.

As much time and care needs to be spent drafting this as preparing the novel. They won’t ask to see more if they don’t like the query! If they do like it then they will contact me asking for a partial of my novel, maybe the first chapter or maybe the whole thing!

On a side note. While I work fearlessly at this my artistic friend is helping me with some other projects we hope will continue to raise interest in this work.

Here’s a sample of section of map he’s been working on.

The benefit to raising awareness is that when publishers and agents take a look at how I’m already connecting with others they will see the potential. So if you have friends you think might be interested in my writing please tell them! The problem is I can’t simply publish the novel so I’m working on alternative plans that are really exciting but we’re not quite ready to reveal yet. Stay tuned.


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