Creating Pangea [Monday 27th January 2014]

For long millennium and many lives of men Shâgâh walked among the earth openly as a messenger of light. Bringing kind words that exhorted and appealed to man’s pride. Few ever doubted the intents of his heart and deep were the seeds he planted to gain that which he desired most: the world knelt in obeisance at his feet. Feigning innocence and friendship of Osenu, he offered gifts to all. Some he taught how to build towering cities, with windows of glass and pathways of shimmering silver. To others he taught the skill of fashioning weapons, using iron and heat to strengthen them. To and fro he went across the land but there was one people he could not fool.

The Estronaidd were ancient, even in those times and the days of their waning had not yet arrived. Sensing the aura of deception with which he shrouded himself they remained wary and alert to his schemes. Closely they worked with the Guardians of their world, 24 beings appointed by Osenu to govern and to teach. Learned above all men were the Estronaidd, blessed with immortality. Death had touched them little and disease knew them not. They warned of Shâgâh’s devilry, and led by Beriytah, opposed him.

Thus was Shâgâh’s hatred of them born. Then withdrawing to the east he devised their downfall and caused them to stray from the will of Osenu, playing upon their pride an honor. In arrogance did Beriytah attack the Silures, those on whom the fate of Pangea rests. In judgment then, did Osenu’s condemnation fall upon them, causing destruction in their midst until peace was achieved between the ancient Estronaidd and the tribes of Silures. Now diminished, they lived only in their sheltered enclaves within the far reaches of the world. But Shâgâh’s plans had not achieved all that he had desired. For still they lingered.

Constantly they were on watch and often did their ways direct the steps of others; so that their enemy was foiled time and time again throughout the long changing events of history.

Of the earth’s twenty four Guardians, Shâgâh’s will fared better. Ten he beguiled and thirteen he slew. One more was he unable to touch and to kill but instead chained and imprisoned: Mishael, guardian of the Estronaidd. He whose power Shâgâh could not truly overcome but only temper. So Mishael he imprisoned with magic arts and conjuring. Unchallenged, the Shâgâh now resides within the great city from which he peers upon the whole world through his pool of seeing.

— From “The Chronicle of Wars” Volume III” By the Magi of Weilai.


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