Creating Pangea [Monday 3rd February 2014]

The editing process never really ends. I’m still working on this tiny section.

“The Guardians were appointed by Osenu to protect the world from disaster. They were 24 of great wisdom, immortal and inhuman. These were granted power only to offer advice and counsel for they were forbidden to rule over man. Some, it is said, could cause the rains to fall in season, and others move the stars. Many could shape the earth, raising seas and mountains or splitting great valleys so that its molten core would come forth.

Shâgâh was not of the 24 and he held contempt for their positions. Death he brought to those who opposed him directly and others he convinced to rule where they ought not. For none feared his ways as they should, and even upon the Guardians could Shâgâh breathe a fog of forgetfulness so that they thought themselves Osenu himself and did as they saw aright.

That was the age of destruction when wars were fought, the Estronaidd weakened and the East fell under the sway of Shâgâh. That was the age of apostasy when the old order of things was turned on its head and that which should not, was. Taking on mortal flesh the Guardians spoke to the people and judged them inferior. Now, in the guide of wise advisers, masking their power behind mortal Kings and Queens did they reign above all the material realm even as they shaped the unseen with hidden hands, unleashing plagues and tremors so that the people sought saviors and proclaimed them very gods.”

— From “The Age of Apostasy.” By Shamar of the Estronaidd.


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