Publishing Pangea [February 21st 2014]

Aiming for March publication!

I’m working on the edit of “The Sacred Grove” while looking into how to publish for the Kindle and iBook. The point of this short story is three-fold:

1. Allow you, my fans, to read about Pangea and some of its characters before the main novel is published.

2. Develop a wider audience that will want to find out more about Pangea

3. Gain credibility. The third section of a query letter lists the authors accomplishment. If more people read the short story this can only help!

The person designing the front cover is going to read The Sacred Grove this week. We already have a few concepts, this will bring some more.

I’ve also asked an old friend to look into Goodreads and how I can submit my book to that. If you’re unfamiliar with Goodreads I’ll explain more in a future blog but you can check them out over at

Currently I am thinking The Sacred Grove will be out by the end of  March!

Stay tuned!


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