Publishing Pangea [Fri March 7th]

I’ve spent alot of time researching new literary agents this week. I  used to have this idea that you would just find an agent and send your novel to them but that doesn’t really work. Some agents don’t accept fantasy so my query would go straight into the trash. Some companies have many agents, some will accept your work and some wont but they don’t want you contacting everyone who works for them. So you research! There are some basic steps I go through:

  • Usually an agent has a bio page so I always read this first. There might even be hints about what they like and you can use this to craft the query letter.
  • Often they will have a blog – if they do then check this out. This can be filled with tips and hints such as query letters they’ve liked before and authors they have landed contracts for.
  • Twitter. Alot of them tweet and this is a great way to learn from them as well as see if they are still accepting submissions.  Twitter is usually more up to date than their bio page.
  • Take the plunge – perhaps the most difficult thing for an author to do 😉 I’m hoping to send some letters out this weekend!

I’ve learned so much through this process so even if I don’t succeed, I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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