Creating Pangea [Monday 10th March 2014]

“You seemed so confident.”

“Oh, I am.” Lewellyn turned his eyes back to the waves which rolled against the rocky shore. “I am confident that I am needed out there, and I am confident I shall behave as is befitting one of my position. I shall stand and give from all my strength.” His head spun back to me, “That is all anyone can ask, and so I know that I shall gain my reward in the afterlife for I will have done that which I was meant to do.”

I mulled this over, chewing on my lower lip, “What if we are meant to do more? What if we are meant to think of something we do not think of?”

Lewellyn did not answer for the longest time. He stared back out across the ocean and I thought he had either not heard my question or had forgotten it. At long last, just as I swung around to leave, he responded. “Fate does not roll inexorably forward Idris. It hinges on the choices that we all make and so your words hit closer to the mark than you might realize. If I am quiet it is only because I do the best that any can; that is, I hope we make the right decisions at the right time.”


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