Publishing Pangea [Friday 28th March 2014]

The search continues.

This week I trawled through a treasure trove of information trying to discover publishers accepting direct submissions.

I found a few, however they are mostly smaller companies that can’t help as much with advertising and branding.  They will still edit, design a cover etc. which will be a big help but there will be a lot of work to do. Of these I found maybe seven that I think are worth writing to. Some of them require a long form synopsis of my novel so I’ve been working on that this week as well.

So the tools I now have at my disposal when contact publishers and agents have grown:

  • Query letter
  • Short synopsis
  • Long synopsis

I’ll give you a sample of the query letter because it doesn’t give away the ending of Pangea 🙂

Pangea is shaken. The past has become the present. Ancient myth has awakened, and legends walk amongst the living. Idris must wrestle as a mortal thrust into the wars of immortals, while his own inner demons threaten to destroy him before the battle even truly begins.

No longer is his sole desire to follow the ancient path of Noiro. He must now discover how to thwart Shâgâh’s plan before the entire world is placed in obeisance at the tyrant’s feet. Along the way he must travel through the realm of the immortal Estronaidd, visit the ancient hall of Osenu, and discover a weapon that can defeat a god.

Why now? Why him? What will become of the world as one age ends and another dawns? All these questions and more plague him, as he wrestles with his own identity and a journey that will shape the future of Pangea.


Thanks for sticking with me on this journey!


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