Creating Pangea [Monday 31st March 2014]


It was as if he was chiseled out of the rock itself. A huge immovable man, an avatar of earthen colours with stars circling his forehead as a crown. The boots upon his feet were crystal, peppered with quartz, his robes a long flaring green of the wood.  From his shoulders hung a cloak of sky blue, traced with trails of golden suns and glowing moons. A clasp at his neck blazed bright with undying fire, circled by topaz. A scepter was held firmly in his left hand, the size of the tallest golden pillar from the courtyard beyond, and from its top sparked lightning and thunder. His face was creased with a thousand weathered lines, and his eyes contained a galaxy of hidden gems. His hair flowed woodenly across his brow, as if it too were carved from stone. As we reached him his body bent forward, his words a breath of weighted power that rumbled in our deepest being.


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