Creating Pangea – Culture

Culture is something that a lot of writers struggle to create. It’s difficult to add depth to a society or race when writing fantasy. Alot of writers deal with this by alluding to things in the past. Part of what made the Lord Of The Rings so deep is that it has this rich history created, and now published, in the Silmarillion and other tales that Christopher Tolkien grouped in the “Unfinished Tales.”

Rightly or wrongly I’ve dealt with creating the cultures for “The World Of Pangea” in a variety of ways:

1) Names – I’ve based languages somewhat on existing ones, and tried to give the names of a specific culture some continuity and similarities.

2) Traditions – I’ve tried to create traditions and give reasons for these traditions, but to do so in fun and interesting ways.

3) I’m no Tolkien, I can’t create my own language. So I’ve chosen ancient earth languages and cultures, then changed the wording of them slightly in order to create the language illusion.

Hopefully, if there are thing that need changing, the publisher and editor will make the necessary suggestions to tweak them.


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