Pawn Of Prophecy

Part 1 of Belgariad

I love Pawn Of Prophecy as a classic fantasy title. It’s the first part of a series called the Belgariad, and introduces the main characters and the general concept which¬†continues through the remaining four books. What do I love about it? To begin with, I really enjoy our introduction to Garion. Edding’s does a marvelous job at writing from a young boys perspective, and if that isn’t enough, he does an ever better job at helping that perspective to change as the boy grows older. To begin with it seems like a coming of age story but as the pages turn so the plot grows, until you realize that Garion is a boy with very powerful people watching over him and a bigger destiny ahead.

I don’t want to spoil the plot but if you haven’t read this classic then go ahead and put it on your reading list. It’s a must!


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