Defining Character

Father and Son

There is one moment in Pangea where Idris leaves his father upon the rocky shores of the continent, and boards a small wooden boat to the Eilean; a place where he can forge his own destiny.

Much of who Idris becomes is defined by the relationship to his father and the wisdom imparted by such a figure. Much is also discovered as he wrestles with the consequences of future decisions. Decisions made without the input of the older man. As writers we are not defining our main character independent from others. They are a part of the world we create, the relationships we define and the consequences they face. If you’re having trouble thinking about what your character might do, stop and think. Is there a moment I’ve already written about which will help guide this choice? Is there a person who influences them and might have a baring on these next events?

You will often find that the answer has already been hinted at.


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