Write bad.


Have you ever looked at your writing and thought: that’s terrible? Of course you have. It’s the writers curse to be their own worst critic. We have all done it. It’s okay to write bad though! Writing bad means you’re writing. Writing bad means you have ideas. Writing bad is the first step of the process.

You can edit out the terrible alliteration, the generalities and cliches. You can edit out everything. But you need to have something that allows you to edit! You can’t start a novel without an idea. You can’t write an article with no words.

Close to 70% of my novel has been re written from the original draft. The other 30% is very different due to editing. I’ve re written one chapter several times over. The first time I thought it was completely boring. I was horrified that I had written such drivel. The second re write was better but I felt like it slowed down the plot too much at a time it needed to be faster. Both of them gave me ideas for yet a third re write. If I hadn’t just put the ideas on to paper (Yes, this creation began with a binder and pen, not a computer screen) then I wouldn’t have a novel today. I’d still be dreaming instead of facing the idea of publishing and simultaneously screaming from nerves and ecstasy.

Make yourself a promise. Write bad. Write proud. Just write!

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