World Creation – Memorable Settings


Have you ever struggled to create a place that is memorable within the world you are creating?

Upon the far eastern coastline of the world rests the great harbor and lighthouse of Hai. From here the ships of the empire make ready for war and the riches of the world brought home to Shagah, he who would place Pangea in obeisance at his feet.

You don’t have to go into great detail for every place mentioned in your novel, but if your protagonists travel there it does need something memorable. Something that allows the reader to remember that’s where they traveled and to recollect why they went there and what they did.

I like to think of one or two distinguishing features that make a city or village different from another. Perhaps it’s the people. The Monopods from Prince Caspian’s journey into the utter east come to mind. Maybe it’s a wonder of the world, or just the curiosity of a town that serves both Hobbit and man such as Bree. Whatever it is – give it a distinguishing feature. Something worth writing about and something the reader will remember.


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