The days you can’t write…

Book Spine

Is it worth writing my novel when I can’t find that hour every day?

It always seems the best authors arise early in the morning and spend several hours before or just after the sunrise crafting their work. There are endless quotes from the likes of Stephen King, Angelou and Miller about how they start writing first thing in the morning before anything else begins. For those who can’t, this is a death knell before they’ve even begun.

I had to come to terms with this recently. I now have a 2 month old, and a full-time job (which I love), and my writing schedule is a little more hectic than it was. Should I just give up? Or is there another way? I’ve learned to write each morning when I can, and write when I arrive home from work – when I can. I’m sure you can appreciate that with such a young child this isn’t always possible. Sometimes due to sporadic nights, a crying baby or the need for a diaper change the schedule doesn’t work out.


A solution: I set a time, and I write during that time when I can. If I can’t write because I’m holding a child or I need to work longer hours, then I read my work. I’ve learned that I’m okay with this. If I’m in the process of crafting a novel or editing (like now) then this helps to keep my mind in the game. I may not always be able to write a thousand words, but I can read it. I keep myself immersed as much as possible. Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch. Occasionally I fall asleep in bed with the laptop on my lap. The alternative is to give up.

So don’t be afraid if you don’t have the brain power and energy. Don’t lie to yourself either. Writing does and will always take sacrifice, but sometimes there are seasons in life where it’s more important to sacrifice for family and loved ones. DON’T PANIC, do what you can to keep the fire burning, keep a useful habit of immersion and soldier on.


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