Creating Depth


Does the fantasy world you created feel flat?

When creating a world out of the written word it’s important to add depth. Here are three ways this is accomplished:


Well written dialogue can hint at ancient myth or past events. The interaction of a group of people who harbor an ancient secret or knowledge of the past can draw the reader in. Be careful though, sometimes the dialogue can feel stunted and cumbersome.


I’ve written before about the importance of journeys when writing your novel.  You can find my thoughts here. Adding depth is just another step. Maybe they pass an old abandoned building, this will naturally have a story. Perhaps the woods they are walking through are ancient. There are a great many stories and hints just waiting to be uncovered within an ancient wood. Think Ents, and Tolkien.


A castle or a palace can contain any number of artifacts hinting at past events that have led inexorably to the present. Use them to your advantage. Don’t make this a descriptive essay, but include the riches of the past to create a tapestry for the present.

Remember, the world feels flat if you don’t put in the effort to create it.


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