Author Interviews


Are you a writer who interviews authors? Are you an author looking for an interviewer? I hope this blog will help!

The publisher isĀ filming my first author interview today. The full video will be posted to a newly launched website in a few weeks. Here are some questions I’ll be answering, followed by a second list of some that might make the final cut!

1. Tell me about the book. (A brief description/introduction) This is the first of a trilogy?

2. You have obviously gone to great lengths to develop a very believable and detailed world. Tell me about the setting. What is Pangea? What does it mean? What is the world of Pangea that you have created similar to?

3. The book begins with the main character, Idris, facing a test to become a man. I want to give those who have not read the book a chance to get inside his head a little bit. Tell me about him and his personality. What is his motivation for choosing the path of the warrior, and how is this choice significant to unfolding events throughout the book? What is his quest or mission?

4. Who is the antagonist? Or what is the main peril that encompasses this book? Is there a greater enemy that will shape the next two books?

5. Tell me about some of the other central characters that Idris meets in the book

6. There are many fantastical creatures that either pose a threat or bring aid to Idris and his company. Give me some insight into a few of them, and briefly describe their roles.

7. What was your motivation for writing this book?

8. Did you intentionally pay homage to any other authors?

9. Why should I order a copy this very instant?

A list of alternative questions submitted by fans:

What inspired you to put pen to paper, how long did it take you to write it?

What was the planning process like? Did the story sort of flow, or did you have it outlined first?

What was the process of getting in touch with publishers like? How many did you send your manuscript to, and how did you choose which ones?

Every author can cite other authors as influences, but how did your favorite author(s) influence you?

What was your favorite and/or most intuitive character or story thread to develop in the process of creating this novel?

How did you keep yourself motivated to continue writing ? What was your first story, ever written about ?

What made you want to write a fiction book?

How long was the process to get something published?

I hope you like the answers!


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