Looking for an interesting read?


Looking for some good fiction to read? Here’s my list of newly released, or “Coming soon” novels that I want to check out.

1. The Rise Of The 5th Order. (A series by Autumn Birt) Only discovered these in January.

2. The Land of Dragor. ( A series by Julia Suzuki) A classic in the making!

3. Jacob and Sylvia. (A stand alone book by Troy Black) – Slightly crazy- but a blast!

4. Firefight. (A novel by  Bandon Sanderson.) – I know, I can’t believe I’ve not read this one yet.

5. The Jack of Souls. (A novel by Stephen Merlino.) – Literally discovered this weekend – intrigued!

6. The Tawny Man Trilogy. (A series by Robin Hobb) – I really should have read this by now, but for some reason I haven’t.

I think it’s a good mix of classics and new authors. I hope you give them a read!

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