Writing character weakness


“You deserve it for your bravery and courage, though perhaps not your wisdom.”

So does one character say to Pangea’s protagonist, Idris. Pangea starts out as a coming of age story and our protagonist is headstrong, determined and a little bit of a dreamer. But he is not wise. This lack of wisdom creates conflict which in turn drives the plot forward. Later he gains wisdom but suffers another thorn in the flesh, a weakness created by the circumstances thrust upon him.  This weakness also propels the plot to another level.

A character who is perfect, is also boring. But resist the urge to just tag a weakness onto them. Think about how that weakness will affect their choices, their attitudes and the plot.


2 thoughts on “Writing character weakness

    1. I usually write a scene first. Then the character appears and I do a brief sketch of them. Then they’re fleshed out more as I go depending ob how circumstances influence them. My protagonist, usually very optimistic, goes through a very dark time that influences his thinking.

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