Don’t kid yourself: Part 1


Are you fed up with writers block? Is this your third story in as many days? The process is more difficult than it seems,

The splurge

Writing a novel is a lot more repetition than we care to admit. Firstly there’s writing it, the splurge. When we romanticize the novel-writing craft, the splurge is what most of us imagine. It is a story shouting, “write me!”, a dream whispering “live me,” a new world demanding “create me!”. This is why so many novels go unfinished. We enjoy the splurge but we do not enjoy or respect what comes next. Don’t kid yourself, it’s a long road but one that’s worthwhile.

The Personal Edit

Next is the personal edit. Even if you are terrible at grammar, like myself, you need to do this. Yes, you need to trawl through the splurge you have just written and realize that it is indeed a splurge, and far from finished. You need to spot plot holes, clichés and bloviating. Then you need to re-write a good chunk of it. I spent far more time re writing than I did splurging.

The feedback

If the personal edit is tedious then this is at first painful, and secondly tedious. You need to show your work to someone else. Have them critique it. Then you need to truthfully judge if what they say has worth. Some of my first feedback was about the perspective. There was a sudden shift and I ended up re writing half the novel. Writing it first time is joyful, re writing it is tedious until the end, which is where an extreme satisfaction kicks in.

These are just the first few steps. There’s a lot more to come! You want to finish that novel don’t you?

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