Character Profile: Part 1 Who is Idris?


Idris is a member of the Silures tribes, and an expert with the long bow. He is always determined, and when he sets his mind to a task there is no turning him back. This often lands him in dangerous situations that he struggles to overcome. As Path of the Warrior begins we find him preparing for a rite of passage that will usher him into manhood and a place him upon the clan’s council. His enthusiasm lands him in a tight predicament and joins a series of unusual events that binds two races together and shapes his coming decision.

— I looked at myself within the pale orange flames of our fire. A young man already, or so I thought. My shoulders squared, strong from many hours with the bow, arms firm and steady. My eyes, a light blue, could not be seen, although the shadows of my unkempt hair were not hidden. I believed I was ready. Time would tell.—

He has a fierce love for his sister Mari, and unswerving loyalty to his family. He values his father and mother’s teaching, as well as the practical insight they provide for his survival. Idris sees them as role models and they are at least partially responsible for his ultimate decision to follow the path of the warrior.

— “Will you draw your sword in self-defense and never in anger? Will you use it only for justice, and strive to develop the character worthy of wielding such a weapon?!” – Oath of the Warrior —

Idris pursues his dream upon the ancient Eilean, a training island of the Silures people. There he sharpens his skills and his character is tested.

In the future he will confront sorcerers and gods. Does he have what it takes to survive?


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