Researching Fantasy

A guest blog appearance over at Guild of Dreams. Thanks for the opportunity! Enjoy 🙂

Guild Of Dreams

Guest Post by Michael Davies

I didn’t start writing fantasy because of what I’d learn along the way. The research I’ve conducted as I crafted my debut novel “World of Pangea: Path of the Warrior” has been an unexpected and decidedly enjoyable surprise.

How did I decide what to research? I live by a 4 general rules.

  1. I want my novel to be simultaneously fantastical and realistic.
  2. If I am writing a scene and I can’t describe something very well then I need to research it to describe it better.
  3. If I skirt away from something I want to use because I’m afraid it won’t sound realistic then I need to research it better.
  4. If any part of my novel sounds too far fetched, it needs to be researched and re-written.

I kept a document open at all times. In this document I made a list of the research I…

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