Creating a good character


Have you ever wondered if your protagonist is strong enough? Flawed enough? Relatable enough? What about the supporting cast? Creating strong characters for your novel are a crucial part of its success.

In creating Idris I had to make him personable, likable and flawed. Much of the novel is told from his first person perspective and readers don’t like to be stuck in the head of someone obnoxious or someone aloof. From the first page they needed to know what type of boy he is. His voice needed to be strong, but he still needed to be a boy.

I crafted a back story. What kind of people is he a part of? What are some adventures he undertook as a child? How does he interact with his family? What are his likes and dislikes? The novel that people read, is not where the story begins. The story begins when he was born, it’s just that most people aren’t interested in that. You, as the author, need to be interested in the whole life of your protagonist. If you’re not, no one will be interested in the part you’re trying to pen!

You can read about many of the supporting characters from my novel “The World of Pangea: Path of the Warrior” over at the World Of Pangea’s website. 

Just for you though, here’s a taste of Idris.


Idris is a young man of the Silures Demetae tribe who, by the end of the book, is a trained and skilled warrior. He strives to always honor his tribe’s traditions and has strong convictions about honor and duty. The Silures are a migratory tribal society that regards the world around them with respect. He is a natural leader, and is loved because of his selfless actions and sacrifice. His affection for those dear to him is clear, especially in the way he loves his sister, Mari. He does tend to be impulsive and overestimate himself, as is shown when he tries to take down the huge Behemoth alone.

Quote From Idris

“When I was young, perhaps three summers old,” said Idris, “I remember looking up at Noiro’s stars, as my father and mother pointed out his belt. We talked about his oath to protect his people. Even then I thought, that’s what I want to do. I want to protect people.”

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