Try a little writing…


I don’t think we should avoid typing. I do think we should write a little more.

There are many benefits.

  1. Writing activates different parts of the brain.
    Several studies show that writing activates different parts of the brain to merely typing. Here’s one for you to read:

    The benefit? If you hand write part of your piece, and type, then your article or novel should become a little more holistic.

  2. Writing allows for a more deliberate process.
    Writing is a little slower for most people, and it takes more care to complete. Sometimes when I type I don’t have time to change the sentence structure mid flow, but when I write in ‘ye olde cursive’ I do.
  3. Writing improves your spelling.
    We automate so much of our lives with computers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but think back to your last text or email. How many words were auto corrected or predicted so that you hardly thought about the spelling and formation of the words you were typing? Hand writing doesn’t make you a perfect speller, but it does provide more time for thinking about word formation and actually making the writer ponder the words he is scrawling. Over time this leads to being a better speller.
  4. Writing is an art.
    There’s a whole discipline based around the way letters are formed, which pens to use, and even considering the color ink and where it is derived from. There’s a pleasure in writing a well formed letter that isn’t quite the same when it’s typed.
  5. Writing leaves more room for emotion.
    There’s a way of expressing emotion through writing that you just can’t do with caps lock and exclamation marks. It can slant more, or loop, perhaps be scratched out furiously or leave behind indents on the paper and parchment. Let’s be honest, there’s something different about scratching a word from paper rather than highlighting and hitting strikethrough. It’s just a little more expressive and intimate as the pen becomes an extension of your hand.

All this is not to say typing is bad. It isn’t. It’s just to say, let’s not rush into forgetting the craft of handwriting too quickly. It has its benefits.


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