Rom is waiting.

“Ancient as the sun rising over the hills of Undulai is Rom. Yet new as the dew gracing the fields each morning. Center of the free peoples, loving beauty and logic in equal measure; from this city has sprung both the art of war and the art of love. Guarding secrets in the depths and setting watchtowers upon the heights, without it the world we know and love would be a much different place.”


I don’t have the time I used to have to write a novel. I used to find an hour here, an hour there. Even now, as I write this (In what was a 20 minute block) my toddler has walked up to the keyboard with her little toy dog and is talking to me.

But what I do have is time. Five minutes I used to idle away checking Facebook. Ten minutes playing a game. A few more minutes drinking coffee. I know can use this time, with the occasional free evening, to finish my second novel. So I am.

Stay tuned. Rom is waiting.


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