Weekly Writing Prompt

A friend of mine is an author, who’s also a photographer. His name’s Derek Smith. A while back that 7 photos in 7 day challenge was circling around Facebook. He decided to run with it and then asked me to use them as writing prompts and to create a short story based on the prompt.

I loved the idea. Due to time constraints these are very limited stories of only a few paragraphs. Most are designed to stand alone, although very occasionally you may see one or two connect.

They are not checked for grammar. You will probably find mistakes in them. Their purpose is not not to perfect, but to practice.

Will you join with me in writing your own short story based on the images of this photographer and author?

Week 1 – Ode To Cats

Prompt 2

If I had known, I would have tried it earlier.

If I had known there was such a thing.

As what, you say?

Well, let me start at the beginning.

We had run out of milk, or rather, I had just discovered it is apparently bad for cats to drink milk. So I set out to the store but passed a local market on the way.

There something caught my eye. A single booth advertising, amongst other things, Cats Drink. That was all it said. I was curious enough to read more so I stopped the car and approached the middle eastern seller.

It was then I noticed he was also selling lamps and carpets.

What an odd assortment.

He said the cats drink was the best there is and would satisfy the cat for ever.

I was not convinced but it was virtually free so I took it home and put it in Maggy’s bowl. She drank it and looked at me.

I looked back.

It was then that it happened and suddenly I was looking at myself and myself was looking at me.

It took me a few more moments to realise I was in fact, the cat.

So if you’re wondering why there’s not many selfies of me recently, well here’s one but you will never know.


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