Weekly Writing Prompt – Ducky

Ducky. We all had one as a child. Baths were unbearable without Ducky. They were more fun with him.

Now he sits in the car watching my child as she rides in the back seat. He has become another generations safety blanket.

Ducky goes everywhere. To grandmas. To mothers. To the mall, to Walmart.

But have you ever thought about why? Why do children need a safety blanket.

As teenagers we forget we can die. As adults we are aware but we’re so used to the word it doesn’t phase us. But to the child everything is new. There’s a big wide world out there and we need some reassurance.

It also makes things better if someone is along for the adventure. Ducky is that someone. It’s not just fear but companionship.

I think we also lose that as an adult – remembering the value of companionship where you always have someone who is with you through everything, thick and thin.

Ducky forever
Nothing without you by me
On lifes grand old road

— Memoirs of an adult —


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