Writing Prompt

Weekly Writing Prompt – Wizardry

Most believe wizards derive their secrets from books, dark arts and mentorship.

Alas, if only the mundane were so true. Then it would have a little more life to it and more might reach the pinnacle of Wizardhood.

Reality is often more down to earth and therefore less believable in the minds of those that do not truly understand the arcane.

The humble cookhouse is where we all begin. Learning character and eventually magik in all its forms – but often by trial and error.

Where regular mortals see herbs and spices we see long life and explosives.

Where they see chicken, we see new ideas. Where they a la carte we see a selection of particularly ripe adages which may have surprising results for the taster.

Only now in the informational age do mere mortals begin to realise what we wizards have known for so long.

You are, truly, what you eat.


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