Weekly Writing Prompt – Vegas

Everyone’s familiar with the slogan that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Usually it’s associated with the totality of human sin that is the cesspool of greed, lust and gluttony. It’s just another cover-up.

Any illusionist will tell you that slight of hand is all about misdirection. What better way to misdirect the whole entire world than with their own worst behaviors. Everything they wish they had left behind but haven’t.

So we paid off their businessmen and bankers with refined metals of purest gold and silver. Worthless really, yet they value them for some reason.

We used these to buy the land and erect monuments to hedonistic pleasure.

Meanwhile, beneath the surface, we tunnelled to the core and created enough energy to move the whole planet.

It will become starport 113 in less than one solar year. As always, we created this museum piece in their memory.

Las Vegas. The place humanity killed itself due to its own shortcomings.


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