Weekly Writing Prompt – Sky

Day 39

It is a curiosity that once during each of the large lunar cycles, the larger moon eclipses the smaller so that it can seem to the untrained eye that what one is peering at is in fact the earth sky.

It is not.

Note, the lack of stars due to the thickness of this atmosphere.

Note, the almost imperceptible calm of the trees. Photographs do not show it, but they never move, even in the wildest winds.

Note: the grey on the horizon, a glimpse at the dessert of metal which covers more than one third of this planet.

No. This is no green earth, a feature the black and white photographs I sometimes send will often obscure.

There is little sunlight though the moon provides enough visibility for all purposes of all days. Neither I, or the others are sure why the moon provides so much light and the sun so little.

To date there have been zero clouds, waters come up from the ground once every two days. Great spurts of them.  This may be seasonal, I do not know, only time will tell.

Tomorrow I will venture to the metal dessert once more and take my readings. Until then I am signing out.


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