Weekly Writing Prompt – Survival

If the visions are true then this is it. As Europe put it, “We’re leaving together but still it’s farewell.” A few fortunate souls have no doubt made it to the moon base. Maybe a couple of the ships sent out over the last decade will even make it to Mars or Alpha Centauri. The reality though, is when they try to contact the mother land there will be nothing left. Humanities hope rests only in the colonies, small as they may be.”

So Jennifer and I, we’re finishing on a high note. Our favourite take aways, favourite people and memories of our favourite moments. Saved on a flash drive incase at some point in the next thousand years someone does dare to step foot on earth and sort through the radiation, dust and ghost towns.

Knowing how much we like our archaeology I have to think that much alone must be true.

I look at Jennifer. She’s as beautiful as ever. Does she see the same guy she fell in love with when she looks at me? Hard to say.

We both look at the sunset through the open pale blue curtains of our living room balcony. It’s orange, tinged with red. The sky serenading us with one last beautiful moment.

Our last sunset. The worlds last sunset.

Tomorrow will no longer be for us. Only for them, those brave few, the remnant.


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