“Within the flames of life we leave thee.
Great Adrasteia.
Great Adrasteia.
Within the flames of death we place thee.
Lost Leader.
Beloved Commander.
Within the heavens we pray Osenu greet thee.
Beloved Child.
Honored friend.”


The Order of Azures

“One hundred arms were raised. One hundred spears flashed. One hundred voices raised in grief filled agreement.”

The Order of Azures will be introduced in the second installment of the World of Pangea trilogy.

Ancient warriors, the question remains whether their small number can really help against the evils of Shâgâh.

Rom is waiting.

“Ancient as the sun rising over the hills of Undulai is Rom. Yet new as the dew gracing the fields each morning. Center of the free peoples, loving beauty and logic in equal measure; from this city has sprung both the art of war and the art of love. Guarding secrets in the depths and setting watchtowers upon the heights, without it the world we know and love would be a much different place.”


I don’t have the time I used to have to write a novel. I used to find an hour here, an hour there. Even now, as I write this (In what was a 20 minute block) my toddler has walked up to the keyboard with her little toy dog and is talking to me.

But what I do have is time. Five minutes I used to idle away checking Facebook. Ten minutes playing a game. A few more minutes drinking coffee. I know can use this time, with the occasional free evening, to finish my second novel. So I am.

Stay tuned. Rom is waiting.

What’s Next?

An Open Letter To My Readers

A few months ago I received the news that my publisher won’t be publishing book 2 and 3 of the Pangea trilogy. It did not help that five minutes later I walked into an interview for a job I really wanted only to be told that the job was no longer available. Just a few weeks later I entered some months of emotional turmoil due to family issues. It knocked me for a spin. All of my writing came to a screeching halt. 

I don’t believe the publisher is publishing any books at present, they seem to have put a hold on things. Publishing can be time consuming and hard to make money with so I completely understand the decision. It still didn’t make me feel any better. 

I’ve spent the last few months gathering my thoughts and deciding on the best steps forward. 

Let me make clear that the trilogy will be completed, but what are the next steps?

1. I will be approaching new literary agents.

This may take some time but Inspire Fiction have agreed to release their images, copyright etc. to another publisher if one picks me up; I am now actively approaching literary agents and hoping for the best. Having the first book already published with between 500 – 1000 downloads does make this more tricky but I want to give it a try. I am aiming for larger publishers to get it in book stores, rather than smaller ones that make it available on just Amazon. 

2. If step 1 doesn’t work I will self publish

If I have no response from literary agents by Christmas then I will begin the road to self publishing in the new year. I have a good chunk of book 2 written (unedited) but I have put the writing on hold because any new publishing company may want to tweak the direction I am moving in. I would hate to do a complete re write. 

So all that to say, I will be publishing the second novel. It will at the very least be available on Amazon. I’m just sorry to say that you’re going to have to wait a little longer to read it.

For now though, I’ll stay in touch about the process and keep you informed. Thank you for your patience and your love for The World Of Pangea. 

Michael Davies

Update Coming Soon

I feel like I owe you, the readers, an update on the World of Pangea book 2. The last six months have been something of a roller coaster ride and I am penning an open letter to you all. So forgive my quietness as of late. You will be hearing from me more about Pangea in the future and I will have a very personal letter for you to read sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.





Euadne looked more troubled as they rounded the corner back towards the fallen body. With a cry she fell to her knees, placing both hands either side of the charred face. The smell of burnt flesh and stench of death ignored. “Adrasteia, Adrasteia, the battle cry of Rom and soul of all free people’s. Adrasteia, what have they done!”

In book 2 there are new heroes, new battles and new tragedies.